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1 Dec 2019

“Within the Christian story, the hope of Jeremiah and Isaiah is fulfilled in Jesus, who embodies God’s righteousness and justice, bringing hope to all those whose lives are lost in despair.

“And for those of us who find ourselves living in turbulent times, not knowing w...

18 Nov 2019

"The emphasis in Jesus’ parable is not on the pearl itself, it is on the act of seeking. The metaphor for the Kingdom here is not an object, but an action. The kingdom here is experienced through seeking, and finding, and sacrificing, and acting decisively."

Simon Woodm...

10 Nov 2019

Ignatius thrown to the lions 111AD
Jan Luiken (1649-1712) etching from the Martyrs Mirror 

"John uses the metaphor of the millennium to provide his audience with the perspective they need to understand the relationship between martyrdom and victory in Christ. Death is n...

20 Oct 2019

The Kingdom of Heaven is not a narrative of victimhood leading to policies of exclusion.

It’s not a story of us-and-them. It’s not a story of us being good, and them being evil.

Rather, it is a story of inclusion, of radical and disruptive intervention in the global ecos...

1 Sep 2019

"The Book of Revelation gives us an image of empire as a self-destructive entity, that brings upon itself the fitting judgement for its idolatrous activities. How can we hear this warning for the empires of our time?" - Simon Woodman.

Read the sermon here:


11 Aug 2019

'The environmental devastation in the Book of Revelation is not personally targeted punishment aimed at those who have denied the lordship of Christ, neither is it God punishing the earth for its opposition to the kingdom of Christ. Rather, it is a warning to the natio...

30 Jul 2019

"The blood that flows from the wine-press represents the very real and bloody human consequences of humanity’s infatuation with the beast. This isn’t a picture of God doing violence to humans, it’s a picture of God’s judgement on the violence humans do to one another."...

21 Jul 2019

"The kingdom of heaven is like a virus, which spreads throughout the body and against which even antivirals don’t work." - Simon Woodman preaching at the Bloomsbury Church Anniversary Service

Listen to the sermon here:

14 Jul 2019

'I don’t want to call into question the historicity of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the Book of Revelation offers a slightly different take on the ark’s location.' - Simon Woodman

Also: Why is Satan called 'Lucifer'?


Listen to the sermon here:

10 Jun 2019

"We have exchanged the ethic of the Spirit for laws set in stone, and in so doing have missed the fact that God has long gone on ahead of us, out there into the world beyond us, drawing all kinds of people to himself, and pouring out his Spirit again and again on all f...