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30 Nov 2016

Each week, we share in prayer for each other, and for the world we share. Please join us

Shared Prayer

27 Nov 2016

Advent is one of the church’s “seasons of preparation” – time to get ready for the great celebrations of Christmas and Epiphany; when Jesus is born and when Jesus is recognised.

For these few weeks, we are going to practice a prayer of waiting. Do join us if you can.


26 Nov 2016

Each week, we share together in praying for one another, for our community, for our world. Please join us

Shared Prayer

26 Nov 2016

Advent starts tomorrow.

How did that happen?

I'm not ready - we haven't got all the material prepared, we still don't know just what's happening with the building, how are we going to fit everything in, there are problems with room bookings, I can't find the crib, what h...

19 Nov 2016

So, tomorrow is the last Sunday of the year...well, the liturgical year that is. In many parts of the church, the Sunday is kept as Christ The King; a feast to celebrate what early Baptists called "the Crown Rights of the Redeemer", that is, the absolute Lordship of Ch...

15 Nov 2016

 Each week, we share, as a congregation, in prayer for our world, our community and our fellowship. Please join us - and if you would like to be included in our prayers, please drop us a line.

Shared Prayer

12 Nov 2016

 On Thursday, we had an event, co-hosted by Ekklesia and the Peace Pledge Union, at which Virginia Moffatt was speaking about her being-written book about war, peace, family and memory, and we reflected together on the wearing of poppies, red and/or white, and their me...

11 Nov 2016

Meister Eckhart, the medieval theologian and mystic said “If you say no prayer but thank you, that is enough”.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to explore saying thank you.

This week, find a quiet place to sit and let your soul catch up with your body. Take 10 deep...

9 Nov 2016

Each week, we share in prayer for our world, our community and our church. Please join us. If you wish to include prayer requests in this sharing, please let us know

Shared Prayer

2 Nov 2016

Each week, we share in prayer for our world and our community. Please join us;

Shared Prayer

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