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31 Jan 2018

Each week, we seek to explore ways into prayer and to pray for each other and the world.

Please join us..

Shared prayer

27 Jan 2018

"It's all getting a bit nasty" - it's a phrase I've heard several times recently. Not about life in church (not at the moment, anyway), but about life in general....about our common speech, the sense of being part of society, listening to our political discourse and so...

24 Jan 2018

Yesterday I had one of those days where ministry looks rather different to the normal (if there is a ‘normal’ for Bloomsbury).

Mostly, it involved sitting and applauding gently for several hours in front of a couple of thousand people. Oh, and wearing silly robes that l...

22 Jan 2018

Yesterday in the service, we heard a little about what happens in the building on Tuesdays; Margaret Cooper-Johns told stories of Tues@Bloom - of those who come to eat, those who come to cook, of how it has changed over the years, and of what it matters as part of our...

15 Jan 2018

"If our identity is first created and then sustained by shutting out the other, eventually the self we create will become so fragile, and so in need of constant defence, that all our energy and all our self will go into that protection. I suggest that when we see peopl...

13 Jan 2018

We had a party here last night; it was our New Year Social, organised by the Northern Homegroup - and they took their "northerness" very seriously, and gave us an evening with a Scottish theme. Personally, I enjoyed it very much (sweets from my childhood, dances that I...

6 Jan 2018

 This coming Sunday - Jan 7th - will be the first Sunday of the year. Since it is the first Sunday of the month, we will be sharing bread and wine.

There was a time when Baptist services had a break between the "main" service and the communion service - a time when peop...

3 Jan 2018

 As the new year starts, why not explore prayer together with our congregation

Shared Prayer

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