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25 Feb 2018

A sermon by Ruth Gouldbourne, preached at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church for the second Sunday in Lent, 25 Feb 2018.

It should be quite easy.

It should be quite easy to write a sermon around one of those phrases we use so often. One of those phrases that even if we ar...

24 Feb 2018

 Part of the adjustments, mendings and general sorting out of the lift has been to replace the lights.

They are now very bright and very white.

The back wall of the lift is a mirror.

So now, when we enter the lift, we are treated to a very harsh, very stark reflection of...

19 Feb 2018

'I’ll say this as bluntly as I know how: I don’t think prayer changes God, or God’s mind, or God’s activity in the world. In fact, I’ll go further: I have a suspicion that to utter a prayer list             according to some set incantation such as, ‘in the name of our...

14 Feb 2018

Each week, we seek ways to pray are this week's words

Shared Prayer 

10 Feb 2018

The clever people who know about these things have been in again and doing things to the lift....we now have new lights, and the handrail that was broken is now fixed.

In the grand scheme of things, it is not huge. The lift wasn't working recently, and getting that mend...

7 Feb 2018

Praying for one another; remembering one another in the presence of God, being a place where the Spirit's intercessions for the church and the world takes voice - all of that is part of our calling. Join us in sharing prayer....

Shared Prayer

4 Feb 2018

"I am simply not satisfied with a version of Christianity that seeks to exert its own moral and ethical code as normative and absolute on the world, and which then seeks to take enough power to enforce that code on others."

Listen to the sermon here:


3 Feb 2018

 Sometimes there are events in church that, although they are technically "outside hirers", we feel so committed to and involved with that we go along. And I have just been sitting in on one, or at least part of one, this afternoon. I was there for the opening worship....

2 Feb 2018

The desire to protect the faith of the so-called-weak, can too easily become an excuse to perpetuate the abuse of those who are in fact far weaker, because they have no voice. The thing is, it is notoriously difficult for the powerful to judge who is weak, and who is s...

2 Feb 2018

'So many in the world live a life without abundance. The creation narratives in Genesis are very clear as to who is responsible for this world, and for the imbalance that has been created between the people who live here. Christ came to bring abundance for all - there...

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