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30 Apr 2018

Listen again to Ruth's final sermon at Bloomsbury, including the welcoming into membership of Kathleen and Said, and Simon and Ruth leading a communion using a liturgy for communion in two voices.

29 Apr 2018

We welcomed many guests, friends, and ecumenical partners to Bloomsbury on Saturday night to say a fond farewell to Ruth Gouldbourne who is leaving Bloomsbury after nearly 12 years, to take up a new ministry at Grove Lane Baptist Church in Cheadle.

You can listen to a r...

28 Apr 2018

Today is my farewell event at Bloomsbury, and tomorrow, I will say goodbye with a sermon on the love of God, and sharing bread and wine.

It's been a blast.

There have been moments when I was not at all sure I was in the right place; moments of anger, frustration, despair...

26 Apr 2018

I saw this sign lying abandoned on the pavement on my way home from church this evening, and I thought, ‘you’re not wrong’.

Today has been a day dominated by issues of homelessness. And I’m no clearer about what, if any, solutions are available.

In the last 24 hours I h...

24 Apr 2018

"What Christ offers us is an opportunity to speak with boldness, to stand before God, to have the spirit in us, leading us. But this is a boldness that isn’t whispering behind doors, it is not speaking in arrogance without listening to others, it is one of freedom and...

22 Apr 2018

The relationship between humanity and the natural world has been one of hardship and toil since humans first emerged from the Great Rift Valley, to go forth and multiply upon the earth. The struggle for survival is as old as our species, and we have battled on many fro...

22 Apr 2018

"What we are, and will become, is not yet seen, not even by ourselves. We cannot yet see resurrection. We do not know what it will look like, or what shape it will have in our lives. All we know is that it is like Jesus." - Ruth Gouldbourne preaching at Bloomsbury, 15...

12 Apr 2018

Our pipe organ, the 'Bloomsbury Beast' is an almighty instrument. We had some scheduled maintenance work done on it yesterday, and I got to climb around inside the organ cases for the first time. Here are some photos of what makes all the noise:

9 Apr 2018

Bloomsbury hosted an evening with the London Welsh Male Voice Choir recently. You can discover more about the choir here:

Here are some highlights of the evening for your delectation.

Men of Harlech

I ain't gonna study war no more

There's a p...

9 Apr 2018

Our pipe organ, the 'Bloomsbury Beast', is acquiring a reputation as one of the premier organs in London. Here it is being put through its paces by our resident organist, Mr Philip Luke.

You can read all about the history of the organ here.

Bach - Toccata and Fuge in D M...

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