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Here you will find the latest updates about our life at Bloomsbury - from sermons to community updates.
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Supporting justice for Palestine and avoiding antisemitism

28th May 2019

"I believe, along with an increasing number of Jews young and old, many of them Israelis, that … we can forgive ourselves for what we have done to the Palestinians in our own pursuit of safety and freedom, and that we can open Israel to the wonderful people with whom we share the land. I believe that as citizens of the UK, the USA, or wherever it is that we live, that we have a responsibility to demand of our governments that they pursue this goal." - Mark Braverman. Read more

Apocalypse Now #4: Heaven’s Perspective on Prayer

28th May 2019

"Our prayers are ushering in the kingdom of God, one life at a time. A world in which a prayer to God has been offered, is a world in which a prayer to the Emperor has been denied. And if we can learn to turn our eyes from the lures of the empire in our world, with all its seductions an coercions, then we are also learning to turn our lives from the violence that the empire generates, and are bringing into being the peaceable kingdom of Christ for which we pray." - Simon Woodman. Read more

Breaking down barriers

21st May 2019

"With all of the scientific evidence mounting up, why is it so difficult for us to realise that we are facing an environmental crisis? We have to grapple with that sense of privilege that we believe we have, as human beings, over the rest of creation. We have to learn to see ourselves as part of this creation in a new way, and we have to learn to bring the language of community into our relationship with the created order in the same way that we live in community with one another. We need to learn what it means to live in community with the whole of creation." - Paul Martin Read more

Apocalypse Now #3: Heaven's perspective on the Empire

13th May 2019

"What if the good news of the gospel is that everyone is in? What if all things, all people, all creatures under heaven, fall within the universal, redeeming, and forgiving love of God? Read more

Apocalypse Now #2: Heaven's perspective on the church

9th May 2019

Read more

The Barren Fig Tree

1st May 2019

"‘And your religion’s gone wrong too’, says God. ‘You think I want solemn assemblies, offerings and incense? You’re wrong! The worship I want is that you do good, seek justice, rescue the oppressed... but you are failing in that, sinful nation! … What a useless vineyard, cut it down! Read more

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