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Here you will find the latest updates about our life at Bloomsbury - from sermons to community updates.
Please take a look around and get to know us a bit.
We would love to welcome you in person if you would like to visit us.

Coronavirus - latest

31st Dec 2020

Bloomsbury's response to the Coronavirus epidemic. Read more


Provoking Faith in a time of isolation

30th Dec 2020

Bloomsbury's online gathering whilst Sunday worship is suspended due to the Coronavirus epidemic Read more


Palm Sunday Crosses

6th Apr 2020

Decorated crosses for Palm Sunday Read more


The Kingdom is Coming

5th Apr 2020

The Kingdom is Coming A sermon for Palm Sunday 2020 "I wonder… what we are applauding today, that we will shout crucify at tomorrow? Can we see through the culture of the quick fix? Can we find a way past our national obsession with technology as the path to salvation? Can we inhabit a commitment to a better and more sustainable way of being human?" Read more



2nd Apr 2020

Read more


The End Times?

29th Mar 2020

Where people die, God is. Where people suffer, God is. Where people live in fear, God is. Where people are victimised, God is. Where people are faithless, God is. Where people doubt, God is. Where people betray, God is. Where people repent, God is. Where people love one another, God is. Where people make sacrifices for others, God is. Where people risk their safety for the lives of others, God is. Read more

A Taxing Question

15th Mar 2020

What if our way out of the trap that lies before us, is neither quiescent complicity to the state, nor extremist politics of social revolution, but developing - actively working at - a culture of generous, loving care, for those who are disadvantaged in our world and society; coupled with a commitment to speak out, to challenge those political and economic systems that impoverish the poor and enrich the rich. Read more

Patriarchy, Paternalism and Patronage: A sermon for International Women's Day

8th Mar 2020

"Mark’s challenge is to notice those places where women are marginalised, oppressed, and violated, and to take action to bring equality not only by raising up the weak and the vulnerable, but by undermining the structures and patterns of leadership that perpetuate dysfunctional and abusive gender roles." Read more

Giving it up for Lent

28th Feb 2020

Read more


Songs of Praise

26th Feb 2020

Watch the feature about Bloomsbury on Songs of Praise. Read more

Losing one’s ‘self’ to find oneself

23rd Feb 2020

A sermon for Transfiguration Sunday 2020. 'The finding of true, eternal, spiritual life involves losing of one’s ‘self’ in something greater than oneself. In Christ, God is drawing our souls to life, gifting us resurrection, and showing us a new way of seeing, and being, and doing.' Read more

21st Feb 2020

The website has been relaunched, and Bloomsbury Minister Simon Woodman is one of the Trustees. Read more

Now Wash Your Hands Please

16th Feb 2020

The new world of the kingdom of heaven is not a world of ideological quarantine, spiritual decontamination chambers, or ritualised holding cells. It’s not a world where whispered traditions get to exclude or isolate the vulnerable or the different. It is rather a place of radical forgiveness and all-embracing love, where purity comes as a gift of God, available to all without distinction. Read more

Congratulations to Ben and Sarah

15th Feb 2020

Ben and Sarah were married at Bloomsbury on Saturday 15th February. We wish them lots of love in their future together. Here is the link to the recording of the service. Read more

Triangles of Scapegoating

9th Feb 2020

The path Christ calls us to is the risky, difficult way, of intentionally listening to those voices which make us most uncomfortable, because they challenge our preconceptions. Read more

Reach out and touch faith

2nd Feb 2020

'It is a matter of great shame that Christian congregations have themselves become bastions of exclusion and segregation,vfrom the denial of ordination to women and those who are LGBTQI, to the scriptural justification of gender stereotypes that distort men and oppress women, to the collusion with society in the scapegoating of otherson the grounds of socio-economic standing, ethnicity, or other innate characteristics Read more

From Promised Land to Compromised Land?

26th Jan 2020

Jesus’ strategy for bringing healing and wholeness to the land and the people was the casting out of demons of exclusion, and the declaring to be clean of that which was previously considered unclean. Read more

Theology Live! 2020

24th Jan 2020

Papers from Theology Live! Held at Bloomsbury 23 January 2020. Read more

Latest Bloomsbury News now available

24th Jan 2020

The February issue of our in-house magazine, Bloomsbury News, is now available. Read more

Church growth, naturally.

19th Jan 2020

“Growth will take place most effectively when we play our part in preparation and in the removal of the obstacles to growth, whilst allowing God to play his part in bringing growth, health, fruit, and harvest.” Read more

On Forgiveness and Healing

10th Jan 2020

"Simply telling individuals that they must repent of their personal sins to be acceptable to God and God’s people is a distortion of the forgiveness that should be shaping us together into communities of love, restoration, transformation and wholeness." - Simon Woodman Read more

Towards Full Inclusion in Church Life

9th Jan 2020

The starting point for a journey into greater inclusion isn’t a greater understanding of the marginalised and the oppressed, it is a greater understanding of ourselves and our own capacity for sinful idolatry. Read more

By Whose Authority?

5th Jan 2020

"Spiritual warfare is not so much a battle between Good and Evil, as it is a battle against the human tendency to take God’s good creation and mess it up. The casting out of the demonic is the restoration of a person to normality." - Simon Woodman Read more

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