Praying as our bodies....

30 Aug 2016



Central to a theology of resurrection is the conviction that bodies matter.


If Jesus' life is renewed as an embodied life,  as the Church has always taught – even when it is hard to find the words to express such a thing – this is because bodies are central to what it means to be human, and God is concerned with bodies.


It is easy to think of our prayer as somehow being separate from our body. But this cannot be the case, as it is in and as our bodies that we pray. So, for the next few weeks we will be reflecting on – and practising – prayer in our bodies.





Find a position to sit that is comfortable and alert. If possible, ensure that your spine is straight, your head is up, and you are as relaxed as you can be.

Be aware of your feet and legs. Notice how they feel, and how you are sitting and positioning them. If you have moved a lot in the last few days, remember where you have been, and give thanks, or pray for or whatever seems appropriate for the various contexts.


Think about where you will be going in the next 24 hours. Again, give thanks, pray for and remember before God the various contexts.


If you do not or cannot move much, instead, reflect on what that has meant for you – has it been rest and pleasure, frustration, pain, disappointment, long-term resignation.


Isaiah uses poetic language to describe the beautiful feet of those who bring good news. Reflect on what good news you have received and you have offered recently. Give thanks for the good news you have heard – of love, of hope, of possibility, of God. Offer yourself – in word, in deed, in prayer, - as a bringer of good news to others, and ask the Spirit to show you how beautiful your feet are.





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