So, what should we spend our time on?

30 Aug 2016

I hope you are enjoying looking round our new website! We are really enjoying it. It has more capacity, is easier to keep up to date and does exciting stuff that the old one was getting too clunky to manage.


As well as this, if you are interested, we have a twitter account (@bloomcentral) which gives bits of news and comment on our life together and the things we are doing. And then there's instagram (bloomcentral) which has various pictures of what is happening and some fun images.


We even have a vine account (little 6 second films - and yes, you're right; the name is bloomcentral - we'll like to be consistent!) There's not much on that yet, since we're still trying to learn how to work it.....but we're making attempts!


Does it matter? Is it a waste of time? Shouldn't we be concentrating on the stuff that matters?


A thought that often occurs to me as I sit in committees, I confess.


But it then leaves the question "what is it that matters?" I think communication does matter - being known and noticed, getting out news to people who might be interested, inviting people to join us....We know this is a welcoming place to be...


But for many people, it is a strange, even alien place to be. 


So, how do we "meet" those who might like to come in.


We're trying to use all the new media we can. But the best way remains coming with a friend. 


So, when was the last time we brought a friend?


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