Spinal prayer....

5 Sep 2016



Central to a theology of resurrection is the conviction that bodies matter; if Jesus life is renewed as an embodied life, which the Church has always taught – even when it is hard to find the words to express such a thing – this is because bodies are central to what it means to be human, and God is concerned with bodies.

It is easy to think of our prayer as somehow being separate from our body. But this cannot be the case, as it is in and as our bodies that we pray. So, for the next few weeks we will be reflecting on – and practising – prayer in our bodies.



Find a position to sit that is comfortable and alert. If possible, ensure that your spine is straight, your head is up, and you are as relaxed as you can be.

Be aware of your spine. Pay attention to its strength, to any pain you may feel, to the support of otherwise that you normally take for granted.

Take some time to read the story in Luke 13;10-18, of a woman with a damaged spine.


Think about the things that mean you cannot move freely – be it physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual….anything that you are aware of that means you know you are less than whole. Invite the Spirit to show you what freedom would mean, and how Jesus might bring it.

Remember those whose lives are stunted through physical weakness, economic deprivation, the violence and oppression of their society; pray for their freeing.


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