Faith and Resistance to the War on Terror

7 Oct 2016

If you missed last night's conversation on 'Faith and Resistance to the War on Terror' between Moazzam Begg (former Guantanamo Bay detainee) and Chris Cole (Drone Wars UK), chaired by Pat Gaffney (Pax Christi) you can listen again here.


Virginia Moffatt has written a brief review of the evening, which we share here to give you an idea of why this is worth listening to:


"This was such a fantastic evening. I was very moved to hear Moazzam's story firsthand.


"He spoke of his arrest at gunpoint in Afghanistan (where he had been building schools) in front of his children. We also heard of the years in prison without trial, where he was tortured, saw people beaten to death, and how since he has fulfilled his promise to tell the world what the American and UK governments did to him and others. He talked without rancour or bitterness, despite the great harm done to him and the continued vilification he gets from the press and


the government. He was held in Belmarsh a few years ago because of his aid work in Syria, but was found not guilty before the case came to court when it emerged the security services knew he was there, and didn't want this to come out in court. He made an appeal for the return of Norman Kember taken hostage in Iraq in 2006 (which helped get Norman home) and wanted to do the same for Alan Hemmings (taken hostage in Syria)from Belmarsh but the security services wouId not let him. His home has been raided and his wife and children have suffered. And yet he is focussed on trying to help his community and has welcomed his guards from Guantanomo into his home, and recognised how they helped his faith.I cannot think of a better exemplification of Christian forgiveness.


"What was sobering to hear was that this conversation couldn't have taken place in a mosque because Muslims are so afraid of the government. And rightly so, Camden Council and CO15 (Counter Terrorism Command) approached Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church to warn them off holding this event. Well done Bloomsbury and Ekklesia for resisting that. A documentary about Moazzam's experiences called 'The Confession' is [bring released soon] - should be essential viewing."


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