It can't be then already....

26 Nov 2016


Advent starts tomorrow.


How did that happen?


I'm not ready - we haven't got all the material prepared, we still don't know just what's happening with the building, how are we going to fit everything in, there are problems with room bookings, I can't find the crib, what have we forgotten to make sure we have....?


Advent comes round every year.

How come it always catches us by surprise?


Well, me anyway! I suppose surprise is not the right word; it's not that I didn't know it was coming. I have the to-do list to prove it. But still, I don't seem to be ready.



Which is part of the meaning of Advent; the coming of Jesus breaks into our world, ready or not, planned or not, awaited or not. That is the grace - Jesus comes to us....this is Good News.


coming, -do list to prove it. Thisngs I need 

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