Practising Prayer in Advent; 1

27 Nov 2016



Advent is one of the church’s “seasons of preparation” – time to get ready for the great celebrations of Christmas and Epiphany; when Jesus is born and when Jesus is recognised.

For these few weeks, we are going to practice a prayer of waiting. Do join us if you can.

Find a place and time when you can sit and be still for 15 minutes at least. Settle yourself into a comfortable and alert position. Take 10 deep breaths.


Let yourself become aware of all that you know you need to do; tasks you need to fulfil, duties that are part of everyday life, responsibilities that take your attention, events that you will be attending.

Now notice what, if anything, doesn’t get done as a result of all that; relationships to be attended to – contact to make with family or friends, rest that gets ignored because there isn’t time, time for being with yourself that gets squeezed out, moments of encounter with God that go unnoticed.

Invite the Spirit to help you slow down enough to notice what is happening and what isn’t happening, and to give you Wisdom for the priorities.

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