Advent as waiting....and going on waiting

3 Dec 2016


We have been undergoing building works.


Just on case you haven't noticed!


It's been important work - dealing with damp, refurbishing various rooms, altering others, sorting out staircases, kitchen and walls; making the building safe and clean.


And it has taken time.


Oh dear, has it taken time! 


And just this week, we heard of yet another possible's almost certainly going to be ok and not hold things up very much, but it is one of a series. We had hoped to be getting things sorted out and back to normal by now; and instead, we are still waiting for the wonderful people whose craft we depend on to finish, so that we can start the dusting. And the tidying. And finding where we have put everything, and getting it to where it needs to be....


But not yet.


Not yet.


And yet the world goes on, we continue to worship, to serve, to wonder, to wait.


We want it all sorted and organised. 


And the timing is not what we would have chosen.


But it speaks to us of's too easy to get to Christmas, but it is right to wait; to see the mess and the muddle, the pain and the oppression, and not to rush past it.


For only so can we effectively, appropriately, powerfully be the difference we are called to be.


Even if we are rather dusty!

























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