Are you open over Christmas....

3 Jan 2017


I loved that he asked that.


I understood what he meant, and part of the answer was no. Open Doors was not functioning - today is the first day we have had the foyer open for people to come and sit, or have coffee or share conversation (or come and play the piano in the church as one very good pianist was doing...) So, there was a way in which we were closed.


But we were very open too. So I thought I would just list the things that happened over the last week or so

Wed 21st - Longest Night Service; a quiet service of prayer and reflection for those who find this time of year challenging

Sat 24th - Midnight service, welcoming Christmas

Sun 25th - Christmas morning service

Wed 28th Wedding rehearsal

Thurs 29th Wedding

Sat 31st Renewal of wedding vows for a couple who met at the bus stop just outside the church some years ago....

Evening of Sat 31st; hosting Street Pastors - making sure about 60 people had a place to gather. leave stuff,, eat soup and bread and cheese (and mince pies) and be prayed for before they went out onto the streets to be a helpful presence among the crowds - and then come back in at about 3.30, be fed and watered and blessed on their way (apart form the two whose accommodation had fallen through, and were put up in church

Sun Jan 1st; New year worship


And alongside it all, visits to homes to take communion to people who are shut in, the builders doing their stuff, the inevitable emails going around as we organised, arranged and rearranged things, phone calls and encounters. Lots of people were doing lots of stuff that meant church happened, even when the doors of the building were closed. And we are so grateful to them


And there was even some time to breathe, to pray, to be still and recognise again the glory that is Emmanuel.


A good way to start a new calendar year.












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