Glimpses of the Kingdom

6 Mar 2017


Did you see that this was happening, or that is has happened? Last week, we had an evening in which the Islamic scholar, Mona Siddiqi and the former Archbishop of Canterbury and Christian scholar, Rowan Williams sat and discussed issues of Christian-Muslim relationships and how they might be transformed. The conversation was enabled by Simon Barrow of Ekklesia and the whole event was part of a series of conversations drawing on a legacy to the church of Rev Seth Stevens.


It was a good evening. There were about 200 people there, and people were engaged and open and conversational; there was a mix of backgrounds and some interesting encounters.


It was all very Kingdom-shaped. And it was a delight to be part of it.

If you missed it, it is is available here as a video

Transforming Christian Muslim Relations


and here as an audio 
Transforming Christian Muslim Relations


This was an evening when we saw something of the possibilities of the answer to the prayer we offer every week; thy kingdom come.


It wasn't the only glimpse of the Kingdom on Tuesday however.


Each Tuesday, we meet for Tues@Bloom. Various people gather in the Friendship Centre to play games, to talk, drink coffee, eat lunch, listen to a speaker or watch a film. And several other devoted folk turn up to cook and wash up.

We do it almost every week. It's nothing special, and there is very little in the way of groundbreaking conversation or life- changing encounter.


Except that people who otherwise sometimes find it difficult to sustain contact, people who for one reason or another are isolated, people who like to find something to do to ill the days and find pleasure in being together, people who are ordinary, extraordinary and sometimes not at all ordinary meet and enjoy each other, and there is delight and frustration and determination to make it work, and sometimes a wondering how we will make it work. 


And that is Kingdom too. And I am thrilled to be part of that. And here is part of what it looks like...






























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