Changing the world in Lent

11 Mar 2017


With the beginning of Lent, we have begun to reflect more focussedly on our involvement as a Kairos congregation.

Kairos Britain is an organisation committed to working for peace and justice between Israel and Palestinians. Learn more about them here. Kairos Britain


So, we have some meetings on Sunday afternoons to learn about the issues and what we might do - learn about them here, Kairos and follow the links to see what we have been doing. We will speak about some of what we are doing in the morning services, and our evening service tomorrow will consider some of the same issues.


It's big stuff and it's complicated stuff. But that doesn't mean we shy away from it, or feel overwhelmed and give up. For there are small steps that can help, and can make a difference.


And thus the Kingdom comes; not usually in spectacular clap of thunder that draws attention and leaves no doubt. More often it's small, quiet and gradual; Rosa Parkes sitting down on the bus, Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley finding a way to have a conversation, a friend going on and on caring in the face of can fill in all sorts of possibilities I am sure. 


We like spectacular. We like results. We like to change the world.


And we do - but sometimes it is small steps and little actions. And sometimes, this is where we meet God.





















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