It's the little things...

18 Mar 2017


Our safety officer is currently writing to our church  manager to ask if the cleaners can be reminded that wedging the fire doors open may be ok when the cleaning is being done, but it is helpful if, after that, they are closed.


It's a little thing, just a matter of remembering to move a doorstop.


But it could make the difference in a fire, between surviving and not, allowing time to get out, and making sure people are protected from smoke.


Scripture doesn't have much to say about door stops, and theology says nothing that I can find about fire doors.


But both Scripture and theology all our attention to the little things - at least,  they do, if we pay attention.


Jesus talks of the power of mustard-seed sized faith, and pointed to the example of the widow who gave two tiny coins. He listened to the pleas of an outsider, whose son was ill and who reminded Jesus that crumbs from the table were available even to those who were regularly excluded.


The early theologians of the church fell out over the smallest letter in the Greek alphabet as they were trying to work out what they could say about Jesus; a theological dispute we might deplore, and yet a reminder that little things have an effect....


Many contemporary theologians work hard to remind us that the response of the people of God to the outsider, the little ones, the lost and the damaged is the centre of our response to God.


Paying attention to the little things, the seemingly unimportant things, the places and things that often get overlooked is the way the Kingdom seems to come among us - even if that is hard to remember and to take on board. We want to do the big things, to make a splash, to change the world, to be seen to be effective. But sometimes, more often that we might care to admit, it's the little things - a baby born to a young couple, a country preacher executed for heresy and treason, a small group of uneducated peasants, a single turncoat Pharisee....and us.




























































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