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1 Apr 2017


Tomorrow, we have the last of our series of sermons on Lamentations. During Lent, we have preached our way through the five chapters of this challenging book - it's not often preached on and we have discovered why!


It wold have been hard for one person to preach on this alone; there would have been a problem in finding different things to say each week. The collection of poems that make up the book cover the same themes, in various ways, and with amazing power and imagery - but the same themes.


As it happens, four of us have preached over the five weeks - the three ministers and one of our deacons. And because we are all very different people, we have come at the material, the reflections and the themes in different ways.


It has been a good experience of team work - and a good reminder that we need each other, and no one person is sufficient to the task. Being the church, being the people who are following Jesus and trying to serve the Coming Kingdom in the place at this time takes a whole variety of approaches, skills, gifts, and imagination. And one of the gifts of our congregation is that we do have a very wide range of all of these. Our challenge is to find ways of engaging and enabling all that we are in a body that works together, allows room for one another, and delights the God who has created us in all our variety....

















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