Are you feeling energetic.....?

8 Apr 2017

 ....because the lift is out of order! Again!


There are parts on order, and it will be mended on Monday. But it has been a demanding week as far as the lift is concerned. It has broken down, recovered, broken down again, been set right - and broken down again - this time, thoroughly. A "part" is is to be delivered, and all will be well again. 


We hope!


Of course, for many of us, the lift is a luxury, rather than a necessity. (There are those who depend on it, and to you we apologise, and assure you that we are doing the best we can...) I am finding that the lack of lift is a good discipline; it reminds me that I need to walk more and climb much more. (It also reminds me that my legs get tired!)


And I am sure that there is a theological and spiritual lesson to draw from this.


But today I am not sure what it is. 


Which is itself a lesson. Sometimes, the meaning of things, the teaching of things, the insight into things does not come easily; it takes time to emerge, attention to notice, a an open heart and mind to accept.


So, when I catch my breath, I am praying that my heart and mind, my eyes and imagination will be open enough to hear, see and grasp what might be discovered.


A way I would like to approach the whole of being alive....


























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