Many voices

17 Jun 2017


It's been a raw week in London, and much needs to be said in due course; but I choose not to rush to speech until I know what I want to say.


I have  read a lot this week - many responses to the pain and the distress, and many reflections on what is going on around us.


I was particularly moved to read somebody's writing about a way of life that she has deliberately chosen, and which I would find hard. I realised, as I read it, that it had never occurred to me that somebody would enjoy would I find hard.


The next day, I sat in a meeting and heard somebody express a point of view that wasn't mine...and recognised that that person was holding that viewpoint with all integrity and validity, and not just to be difficult.


None of this is especially unusual or ground-breaking. But at a time when our city is reeling from such pain, and there is the potential for separation, misunderstanding, and growing division, the reminder - the experience - that people are simply different has had a particular resonance for me.


I know there are questions still to be answered about what led to the fire in Grenfell Tower, and there is much anger - and I understand that. There appears to have been, at the best, poor judgement on the part of some decision makers. I know that there are those plotting the downfall of our society, and we cannot be complacent about terrorist threats.


But since the differences I have been experiencing have all been within the church, it is a salutary reminder that we have had to learn to live with difference in our immediate community - and that these skills might be of use more widely. I wonder how we might learn more and better and how we might share and offer what we have.......? 




































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