Theology on the Fourth Floor

23 Jun 2017

One of the joys of being around the building at Bloomsbury is that you never know quite what's going to happen next! 


This morning, after welcoming various actors arriving for a Channel 4 read-through, I (Simon) was wandering along the corridor of the Fourth Floor and I suddenly realised I could hear a fascinating lecture on the differing approaches to the Bible, the miraculous, and the resurrection taken by N.T. (Tom) Wright and J.D. Crossan. I was interested, because I used to teach this stuff! 



It was a group of students attending a course run by one of the educational organisations that hire from us. So I lurked in the corridor, to have a listen. 


It was great, really interesting! 


Does the New Testament give us access to what the disciples believed about Jesus and his Resurrection? Or are the resurrection stories of the New Testament more of a kind of parable to express something that the early church wanted to say about Jesus?


And here is another one of the things that I love about Bloomsbury. It is the kind of church where these questions are considered, discussed, and taken seriously.


Faith, if it is to have any meaning, also has to make intellectual and pragmatic sense. Faith has to take flesh, and become real for us. 


Maybe here is something of the Resurrection at work in our lives, as Jesus draws us to works of new life, and to new expressions of life.

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