Refusing the lie

26 Jul 2017



Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

Blessed are those who refuse the lie that one life is worth more than any other,
for theirs is the future of humanity.

The idea that one life is worth more than any other really is the great lie, the great deceit. Because the moment any one of us starts to believe that one life is more precious to God than any other, then the door is opened for all manner of evil to take root and flourish. Against this, the radical message that Jesus proclaimed was that the kingdom of heaven belongs to those with a poverty of spirit, to those with an un-inflated view of their own self-importance, to those who know that any value they have in life comes from God, and not from any achievement or status they may hold. But so many of the messages of our society fly in the face of true poverty of spirit. From the advertisers’ mantra that ‘you’re worth it’ to fevered assertions of America (or indeed any nation) first, and the nationalistic protectionism that comes from a mindset of ‘my country right or wrong’. We need to recover a Godly sense of our own value, and to discover in that the value of those others whom we would otherwise so easily diminish.

A prayer
Loving God, who calls us each by name and loves us with a perfect love, help us to see others as you see them, and to learn to love ‘the other’ as you would have us love them. We pray for our enemies, and for those who scare us. Teach us humility, and help us to discover that we are never just individuals, but rather that we are part of the glorious diversity of humanity, made in your image, and loved by you. Amen. 

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