Staring into the abyss

1 Aug 2017


Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. 

Blessed are those who have stared long into the abyss,
for theirs is honesty beyond grief.

Bereavement can sap all hope, but there is hope here - that those who have learned to live with great loss may discover through their grief the brutal honesty of human mortality, in ways that others will never grasp. The comfort for those who mourn is not won easily, or quickly; and it comes through pain and tears. But in a world which despises weakness, and which denies the transience of life, the ability to out-stare death is a blessing known only to some; and yet is a great gift that they bring to humanity. We each of us, in our own way, one day, will look death in the face, and on that day we will need those who have seen that face before, and learned to live with its reality.

A prayer
God of comfort, we pray for all those who are staring death in the face. Whether they are fearful of their own life’s ending, or are travelling closely with another whose life is drawing to a close, or are living with grief that a loved one has now gone from their lives. May they know comfort. Amen. 

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