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9 Dec 2017



After a rather dramatic week politically, we reach Saturday and the confirmation that "sufficient progress" has been made to allow our national negotiators to move to the next phase of negotiation with the EU. Now, the buzz phrase appears to be "in transition" - the time in which, to quote the person who has just been talking on the radio, when we'll be "in relation to but not bound by" the EU rules.


In Advent, we are preparing for the coming of the Incarnate One; the lectionary readings this coming Sunday take us to the accounts of John the Baptist (incidentally, if you want to interact with these stories during the week, we are working with them as bases for prayer on Twitter at @bloomprayer Come and follow us....). 


John the Baptist preaches a Coming Kingdom and reminds people that they are - or have the possibility of being - "in transition". He speaks to people of not hoarding, of living justly and with integrity.

When the Apostle Paul is writing to early churches, he has something similar to say - that their lives as a believing community should be "in transition" - to the church in Rome he writes "Do not conform to the world around you, but be transformed by the renewal of your minds".


And each week, when we meet, we pray "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".


We are "in transition" as the people of God; "in relation to the rules of the community and world around us, but not bound by them"; we are called to another law. It is a law of love, which has practical implications about inclusion, justice, not being afraid, being open to the other, living with open hands and hearts.....


Advent is a time of preparation. Or rather, Advent is the reminder that we are always in preparation and transition, from the context around us into the Kingdom of God - not an existence far way and beyond, but here and now, as we by prayer and action transform where we are in line with God's call and law of Love.

















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