Doing the gospels on Tuesdays

22 Jan 2018


Yesterday in the service, we heard a little about what happens in the building on Tuesdays; Margaret Cooper-Johns told stories of Tues@Bloom - of those who come to eat, those who come to cook, of how it has changed over the years, and of what it matters as part of our life.


It was good to hear; Tuesday Lunch as it was when it started, and Tues@Bloom as it has become as it has moved from being just lunch to being a whole day "thing" with games and coffee and biscuits and afternoon tea, is an important part of our life and ministry.


Margaret outlined three aspects that she saw as significant in this work; a recognition of an engagement with an increasing demographic in our neighbourhood and indeed, our country - the population is living longer and therefore there are more elderly people active and ready to do things; the development of social interaction for many who otherwise can become quite isolated, and the provision of a good, hot and filling meal - in particular for some who do not have the resources, energy or indeed inclination to cook regularly for themselves.


It was good to hear these and to reaffirm them - and to see their place in the gospel story. Jesus regularly worked with those who were around him, just as they were - not necessarily the movers and shakers or the most obvious people; but the ones who were there. He also called people into community - always inviting them to be together, sending them out in groups, healing and restoring those who had been excluded ....and he fed people, and ate with people, regularly, predictably, and sometimes scandalously....


It is good to reaffirm what we are doing, not just as good in itself, though it is all of that, and worth


doing for that alone - but also to recognise its place in the gospel, and so in the mission of the church. Margaret named various people who are part of the team who make it all happen, and I want to add my thanks to them here; to Barbara, Elsie, Chris, Sheila, Richard, Priscilla, Saifur as the regular team....THANK YOU ALL
















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