Attending to the details

10 Feb 2018


The clever people who know about these things have been in again and doing things to the lift....we now have new lights, and the handrail that was broken is now fixed.


In the grand scheme of things, it is not huge. The lift wasn't working recently, and getting that mended really mattered. The lights and handrail were annoying, but not - apparently - of the same order.


But there is no denying that the lift is much nicer now; there are no sharp edges where the broken handrail is, and so no danger of snagged clothing, or scratches on hand or leg. And we can see more clearly.


They seem like little things, especially when there are other things to deal with and get sorted. But getting these sorted just makes things better, and also signals something important about our care for the whole building and all those who use it.


This coming week sees the beginning of Lent. We are not, traditionally, given to big acts of self-denial or supererogation during this period. Indeed, it can almost pass unnoticed.


But I wonder if there are small things - adjusting the lights, or mending a little broken bit, - that we might address during this season, and see what happens. We might not change the world, we might not even totally reconstruct our selves. But a small change can matter; it can set the pattern for bigger changes, it can open possibilities for other things to shift, it can indicate to ourselves and others that we are committed to getting things right.


And it matters not just for individuals. are there areas, practices, assumptions that we have as a church that might not be huge, or world-shattering, but to which attendance might just make a difference that leads us towards a new aspect of the kingdom, a different possibility of service and worship.


I hope you will notice - and appreciate - the differences in the lift. I hope, even more, that this Lent will see us paying attention to details, and discovering what new things might open up, in God's mercy.








































This ocming week

















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