An ever-open door.....

17 Mar 2018


Today, our building is full of people who love our organ, and organ music. It is our monthly organ recital, and the Organ Club have come to join us, and to have their AGM. It is a joy that each month, people come into the building to listen to amazing music, to enjoy conversation with fellow-enthusiasts and to share food.


And it is a reminder that people come into building for all sorts of reasons. Some of us know this as the place where we come to work. For many of us, it is the place where we come to worship and to be together, sharing prayer, and food. For others, it is safe and warm place where it is possible to find rest, refreshment and practical help. Others come to pursue an interest in music, in art history, in academic research, or for social encounter and board games. And there are other reasons, not noted here. 


Which, if any of these, should take precedence?


It is a question we need to ask at regular intervals; where should our energy, resources and indeed, space, be invested?


The answer - when a choice needs to be made (as it often does, especially in terms of space!) will depend on what we regard as our primary calling. What are we here for? What are we called to? What does it mean to be the "people of God in this time and place"?


There is not a straightforward answer, nor a one-time for all answer.


Nor is it an answer to be given by one or a few voices on behalf of all.


This is a conversation that needs to keep going, to be revisited at regular intervals, and to involve the voices of all who share our building.


We give thanks for those who have passed this building on to us, for those who now care for our building, and keep it open, and for all who come in and feel at home here. Let's pray that we have discernment to go on using it well for the coming of the Kingdom in our palce and time. 


























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