Thank you

28 Apr 2018


Today is my farewell event at Bloomsbury, and tomorrow, I will say goodbye with a sermon on the love of God, and sharing bread and wine.


It's been a blast.


There have been moments when I was not at all sure I was in the right place; moments of anger, frustration, despair, distress.....I clearly recall saying to one retreat leader "I am utterly convinced that God has called me here, but I am sure I am the wrong person for the role" To which, in her wisdom she replied, holding up her hands as a balance "So, on the one hand the call and provision of God and on the other your understanding; which do you think is right?"


I learned a lot that day!


And there have been times of unbelievable joy, delight, privilege and satisfaction.


Leaving is hard.


But it is the right time, and I am (mostly!) excited about the - very excited for Bloomsbury's future, mostly excited for mine.


And in the end, two things to say - a huge thank you to everybody who has been part of my time here, and never forget; you are loved more deeply, more fully, more unshakeably than you or I will ever know - and in that is our hope, our life, and our call to serve.


God keep you.















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