Prayer for the week

13 Jun 2018

Thought for the Week

‘When a silence is broken in the interest of confronting injustices, what we are hearing is prophecy. Prophetic voices are those which read the signs of the times in the light of the justice and love of God, and speak out against all which distorts or diminishes the image of God in human beings. In doing so, they may come into conflict with the status quo, with powerful interests who have an investment in the way things are...'
- Kathy Galloway, in a talk about violence against women.


Sharing in Prayer

God of justice, forgive us for those times when we have had the power to speak out but have chosen not to. Help us to hear the voices of pain that whisper so quietly that we can ignore them with ease. Be with all who face abuse, discrimination, and marginalisation. We thank you for the work of our church in confronting issues of justice, and for the strength that our life together in community gives us to raise our voices in the cause of the oppressed. So we pray for Gaza, for South Sudan, for LGBTQ inclusion and especially for those who have been married at Bloomsbury, for women who are denied access to leadership roles in church and society, for the homeless and the vulnerable. We thank you for those who take responsibility for safeguarding in our community. May we learn to listen, and have courage to speak. Amen.

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