Mental Health Inclusion and the 'Unforgivable Sin'

13 Oct 2019


"What is real madness? Perhaps it is when we declare that someone filled with the Spirit of God is fundamentally bad, mad, or disordered. Perhaps this is the unforgivable sin, and perhaps we commit it every time someone vulnerable or wounded is declared disordered."


"But... maybe complete forgiveness is overrated. and the demand that Christians place on forgiveness for everyone and everything is unethical and actually un-Christ-like. There are some things that happen in this world to good people, because the world has gone mad, and those atrocities should never be forgiven or forgotten. We need eternal memories of some things, we need to feel the pain of our worst mistakes, and to know that we were very, very wrong, to call something very good, very bad."


- Revd Karen Stallard, preaching at Bloomsbury as part of our Inclusive Church series, on the theme of 'Mental Health Inclusion'


Listen to the sermon here:

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