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About Us

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to discern God’s loving and inclusive will:
            we nurture faith and build community,
            we confront injustice, create sanctuary, and deepen relationships.

     [Read a commentary on our Mission Statement]

Vision Statement

Provoking faith in the heart of London.

     [Read a commentary on our Vision Statement]

Values Statement

We strive to be:
           Radically Christ-centred, proactively inclusive, empowering with justice;
           dissenting yet faithful, thoughtful and reflective, relevant and outward looking;
           diverse yet focussed, courageous and loving, hospitable and generous;
           imaginative and risk-taking.

     [Read a commentary on our Values Statement]

The relationship between these three can be expressed as a tree:

      Leaves = Mission Statement (Active)

      Trunk = Vision Statement (Strong)

      Roots = Values Statement (Deep)

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Join us for worship each Sunday at 11am
in our beautiful building on Shaftesbury Avenue

and online at
Webinar ID: 215 699 933
Catch up on previous services via our YouTube Playlist 

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