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About Us

We Believe

Our Vision is "Provoking Faith in the Heart of London".

We are a Baptist church in the heart of London's West End, and we seek to live out the example of Jesus Christ for the good of our city and the wider world. We believe that every person is valued by God and can make a contribution to the life of their community. As a gathered Christian congregation, we offer:

An activist Spirit

We practice the presence of God.

We are a church where faith takes shape in political action and practical service.

We take inspiration from our long history of nonconformity to help us live courageously today.

We are a place of transformation.

We work together to meet immediate needs.

We care for the vulnerable and homeless.

We are concerned for all people.

We make every effort to live in unity.

We are not afraid to speak out and take action on issues of politics, justice, and peace.

A prophetic voice

We believe that God is love.

We are a place of hope.

We are a place of inclusivity and openness.

We embrace intelligent, liberal, open theology.

We value thoughtful preaching, honest teaching, and reverent worship.

We believe that everybody is in the image of God

We value a variety of voices and opinions.

We are deeply radical and non-conformist.

A heart in the centre of the city

We believe that God’s people are called to live in love. 

We offer open-hearted friendship and acceptance.

We are a place of welcome.

We value sincerity and integrity, and doubting is welcomed not condemned.

We embrace diversity, and welcome people regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or social standing.

We are careful to listen to one another

We care for one another.

We share food together regularly, extending hospitality and openness to all.

Join us for worship each Sunday at 11am
in our beautiful building on Shaftesbury Avenue

and online at
Webinar ID: 215 699 933
Catch up on previous services via our YouTube Playlist 

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