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Church Life

A tradition of faithfulness in the heart of London

Bloomsbury's first minister William Brock said that ‘The Bible and The Times newspaper are the best materials for the preacher’, and Bloomsbury has continued this task of bringing faith to bear on the issues of the day ever since. There is great inspiration to be found in Boomsbury's history, so to discover more about our story, read on...

A Short History of Bloomsbury

A Bold Experiment - the definitive history 1848-1999, written by Faith Bowers (PDF Download)

The Life of William Brock DD, First Minister of Bloomsbury Chapel - written by Charles Birrell, 1878 (PDF Download)

William Brock DD, First Pastor of Bloomsbury Chapel - written by George McCree, 1876 (PDF Download)

'Hitting the Buffers' - the biography of Morton-Peto, the builder of Bloomsbury (available to purchase)

'Linking Hands with the Front' - the story of Bloomsbury in the First World War (available to purchase)

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