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Church Life

Nigel Redford


When did you first come to Bloomsbury, and why?

I first came in August 2015. I was looking for a church that reached out to all God's children, and was actively engaged in works of social justice.

What do you admire and enjoy most about the church?

It's a place where all are welcome. You can ask questions here without being judged, as we all work out together what it means to follow God in today's world.

What one aspect do you especially love?

The music in our worship has really helped me connect with God.

What do you hope for the future of Bloomsbury?

My hope is that the church can adapt and change to continue engaging with the community around us. The message is the same, but people "do church" differently now and we need to examine how we can continue to grow in faith together.

Do you have a memorable moment of an event at the church?

When lockdown started during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was great to see how the members of the church community kept in touch together, showing real concern and love for one another.

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