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Here you will find the latest updates about our life at Bloomsbury - from sermons to community updates.
Please take a look around and get to know us a bit.
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31st May 2020

Sunday Worship for Pentecost, from Provoking Faith in a Time of Isolation Read more

Provoking Faith in a time of isolation

31st May 2020

Bloomsbury's online gathering whilst Sunday worship is suspended due to the Coronavirus epidemic Read more

The Church is Wherever God's People are Praising

29th May 2020

Performed by members of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church Read more

A Prayer for Pentecost

26th May 2020

A Prayer for Pentecost 2020 Read more


24th May 2020

This world is not something to be endured, it is something to be redeemed. It is not somewhere to escape from, it is somewhere to live in. Read more


21st May 2020

We may thing we’re engaged in the mundane, ordinary responsibilities of our lives, but actually we’re participating in the glorious eternal purposes of God’s kingdom coming to the earth. It’s all a question of how you look at things. Read more

Growing up

17th May 2020

"Living in community with people who are different to us, however we define or experience our own normality, takes effort and commitment. And Paul’s “poetic ode to love” was not written to celebrate the unifying love already accomplished in the community. It was a call to action. A call to love despite difference. A call to resist division and create something new. A call to grow up and start behaving like adults rather than children, discovering that difference need not divide, and that fear need not dictate behaviour." Read more

Angel Communication

17th May 2020

A poem by Duncan Bartlett, with illustrations by Yuka Morita Read more


10th May 2020

A poem by Amy Deakin, inspired by 1 Corinthians 1.11, and read at Provoking Faith in a time of isolation, the online gathering of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church. Read more

The Personal Touch

10th May 2020

The message of the cross is an ugly message of suffering, a controversial message of cosmic disruption, and a dangerous message of political and social revolution. And there is nothing that can, or should, be done by preachers to sanitise or beautify the shock, the horror, the ‘scandal’ as Paul puts it, of the word of the cross. Read more

Turning the World Upside Down

3rd May 2020

Whether we are challenging the narratives of nationalism that lend legitimacy to state-sanctioned violence, or the cultures of religious exclusion that lead some to think themselves unworthy of God’s love and acceptance, or the unspoken collusions of class that declare some lives less worthy than others, the proclamation of Jesus as Lord remains as politically, economically, and socially disruptive as it ever was in the first century. Read more

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